COVID-19 Message

We’re looking forward to your next dental visit with us. We want to let you know about some of the changes we’ve made to keep everyone safe.

  • Only patients (or the parent of a minor) will be allowed in the office. Visitors should remain in your car.
  • Please wear your mask (but not gloves).
  • Upon entering, we will have you sanitize your hands and fill out a short COVID-19 questionnaire.
  • We will use an infrared (touchless) thermometer to take your temperature (if it is higher than 99.5 degrees, you will need to reschedule; if higher than 100.4 degrees, you may want to let your physician know).
  • Upon entering the treatment room, we will have you rinse with a mouthwash that contains peroxide.
  • Please refrain from touching unnecessary surfaces and keep your hands away from your face/mouth.
  • Sadly, we can’t give any hugs or handshakes right now. (This is the worst change of all!).
  • Before leaving the treatment room, we will have you sanitize your hands again.

As for ourselves and other precautions:

  • We have ramped up our personal protective equipment to include more effective masks, faceshields, some of us are covering our hair, gowns, etc.
  • We take our temperatures every morning.
  • In between patients, we are disinfecting clipboards, doorknobs, doorways, and just about anything else that patients might touch.
  • We have removed all the magazines from the reception area and treatment rooms.
  • There is plexiglass at the check-in and check-out counters now.
  • We are minimizing traffic at the front desk so you may be asked to wait in the treatment room until it’s clear.
  • To minimize aerosol, we have installed more effective suction devices in the hygienists’ rooms since they don’t have assistants.
  • Of course, we are washing or sanitizing our hands between every patient (which we’ve always done).

If we had to reschedule your appointment during the shut-down, we can’t thank you enough for your patience. We are happy to be back at work and can’t wait to see everyone!

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Dr. Deemer has been practicing dentistry in the Covington area for almost 20 years and focuses on providing you and your family the best dental care.

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