Partials and Dentures


Missing multiple teeth or all teeth in either or both jaws.


If a patient is missing only one or two teeth, they usually choose a conventional bridge. Multiple missing teeth are more problematic, more costly and frequently cannot be replaced with a fixed bridge. Many patients choose to replace these teeth with a partial denture. They are an excellent alternative for many patients. They function well in terms of keeping your bite stable, keeping your teeth from shifting and improving your chewing and speech. Dr. Laurie would be happy to explain your options.

If a patient is missing all teeth in either or both jaws, complete dentures are the treatment of choice. Dr. Laurie will first evaluate the bone structure to determine the proper treatment plan in order to achieve the very best fit for each patient. Unlike some of these denture clinics you see nowadays that offer economy, standard and deluxe dentures, Dr. Laurie only does one kind of denture - the very best!