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Dr. DeemerDr. Deemer (or Dr. Laurie as she prefers to be called) grew up in Minnesota. She was the youngest of four and the first person in her family to attend college. She started out as a french major, got side-tracked and entered the working world. She eventually went back to college but this time she knew she would pursue a medical career. Her first choice was veterinary medicine but realized she could serve animals in other ways (read on), so she chose dentistry - the perfect choice for a very detail-oriented, artistic, perfectionist who also loves working with people.

Dr. Laurie attended the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry (the only dental school in the state). She graduated at the top of the class in 1997 with a GPA of 3.96. (the highest in the history of the school at the time). Incidentally, she also set a school record on Part I of the National Boards with a score of 98. There is another link in the website for a complete list of the honors she has received. Dr. Laurie is uncomfortable talking about her accomplishments, but feels that patients have a right to know what their doctor's credentials are.

The month after she graduated from dental school she gave birth to her only child, Kevin, who is now fourteen. Kevin is an exceptional kid who balances his sports and academics with ease. He is passionate about baseball and is one of the best 14-year-old pitchers in the country. He is very sociable, compassionate, inquisitive and kind. He's an animal lover like is mom. She couldn't be more proud of him.

Dr. Laurie and her husband, Greg, were married in June 2007. Greg is a project manager for Cisco (formerly Scientific Atlanta) in Lawrenceville. Greg is very giving, hard-working and fun to be with. He loves doing for others. He has no children of his own but has embraced his new role as Kevin's step-dad. Laurie and Kevin are so very lucky to have him in their lives.

After graduation and childbirth, Dr. Deemer worked for another dentist for over five years before acquiring her practice in Covington in April 2003. Owning a small business has its challenges, but Dr. Laurie feels it was the right decision. She wanted the independence to make her own policies on how to practice dentistry, how to treat patients and how to manage her staff. She sleeps well at night knowing that she is doing the right thing.

In her spare time, Laurie devotes her energy to her passion in life - animals. She is an active volunteer for FurKids, a shelter in Doraville, where she works primarily with the sick cats in isolation and quarantine. She is also a volunteer for Emergency Animal Rescue Services (a division of United Animal Nations) and was deployed to Mississippi to help the Hurricane Katrina animals. Shortly thereafter, she went to Texas to help clean up an exotic animal refuge that was hit by Hurricane Rita. A tiger licked her hand on that trip - all the thanks she needed. She is a supporter for Alley Cat Allies who advocate TNR programs (Trap, Neuter, Release) for feral cats. Don't be surprised to see cats in the parking lot and pamphlets in the waiting room. Dr. Laurie is also a member of Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, the greatest animal sanctuary in the world in her opinion. She has two spoiled cats of her own, Bebe and Parker (both 8).

Her other interests include travel, exercise, dancing and her 105-gallon aquarium at home. She and her family enjoy attending Braves games (Kevin knows all the players' stats and tons of baseball trivia). Laurie also enjoys decorating. Her office is very homey and warm, not clinical and cold like many medical offices.

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